An interior project for IT-style office accommodates 50 people.
The original building was built in 1973 and stands on a corner lot in the center of Shibuya. It is recognizable by the rows of hexagonal windows on the south-west and north-west sides of the building.
The client requested a spacious and relaxed space with a sense of unity.
The floor was covered from wall to wall with a uniform flooring material.
The brown aluminum sash of the window frames were painted white to match the wall, which visually unifies the space while visually connecting the space to the exterior space.
The north-west room opens up to the view of trees through the windows and creates a comfortable space that is perfect for brain-storming, relaxation, and company seminars. The system placed along the south-east axis is not fixed, so that it can be moved for different projects.
The plants in the room create a relaxed space, unify the interior with exterior through the windows, and at the same time, serve to partition the room.
A uniform, spacious and relaxed office space was created under limited conditions by maximizing the essence of existing space with minimum manipulation.

FD office
Tokyo, Japan
Principal Use
Structural Engineer
Eisuke Mitsuda
/ Mitsuda Structural Consultants
Lighting Design
Mariko Naito / Komorebi Design
General Contractor
FUKASAKA Construction Company Ltd.
Tomoki Imai