A house for a four generation family of seven living under the same roof.
This house was planned as a three-layered double-family home in land suffered a severe earthquake in the past. The first and second floors which are structured by reinforced concrete are provided for the older generation in the family as they support firmly the upper floor. The third floor which is structured by wood reflects a light-footed living style of the younger generation family members. The space under the same roof keeps each other's privacy but still binds them together.

Under The Same Roof
Hyogo, Japan
Principal Use
Residential Housing
1st and 2nd floor in RC,
3rd floor in wood
Structural Engineer
Eisuke Mitsuda
/ Mitsuda Structural Consultants
Lighting Design
Mariko Naito / Komorebi Design
General Contractor
FUKASAKA Construction
Company Ltd.,
Tomoki Imai