This house was designed for a couple who has been married for over 30 years.
It is surrounded by the idyllic setting of Uji, with deep green mountains and the pleasant sound of a stream.
The irregular site stands between an old agricultural waterway and a road in the skirts of the mountain.
As the project developed, the clients requested a garden where the husband would be able to enjoy his old-time hobby of gardening, as well as a space that provides “variation.” Since the couple will spend considerable time together at home, the varied and flexible space is meant to prevent boredom and a feeling of enclosure.
The couple wants their own private time and space, but they get uncomfortable without feeling each other’s presence. To meet their expectations, the two cores were placed across one single room to create meandering space, where it is not possible to see through the whole house while continuing to feel each other’s presence. The roof and ceiling go down from the top (living and dining space) to the edges (private rooms) with a moderate twist. As a result, the living and dining space becomes open and public, while the master bedroom and the free room remain cozy and private.
The comfortable changes are formed by the moderately twisted roof and ceiling and the angled plan generated by the irregular site. Similarly to the changes inside the house, the subtle variations included in the simple structure alter the appearance of the façade, depending on the angle and location it is viewed from.

Kyoto, Japan
Principal Use
Residential Housing
Wood, 1 story + Loft
Building Area
Total Floor Area
Structural Engineer
Eisuke Mitsuda
/ Mitsuda Structural Consultants
Lighting Design
Mariko Naito / Komorebi Design
General Contractor
AMUZA construction company Ltd.,
Daici Ano